StKilda Build

Schist Stone Chimney

Wow! The first schist stone is on thanks to Stephen from Eclipse Stonework using Craftstone’s Basalt Grey. Eclipse Stonework & Craftstone

Portico & Loggia Flashing

The Portico and Loggia flashing has been put on making the windows look like one and not separate. Getting to look more like the vision I had in my head every day now!

The Garage Door

Andy from ADS has done a wonderful job with the Garage door to match the windows and style of the house. One step further to being at lock-up stage! Automatic Doors Services

Solar Panels Go On

The Solar panels get installed on the roof. I chose ones that would blend in as much as possible.

Electrical First Fix

The first fix of the Electrical wiring etc going in by the mile … Just a few data cable there!

Post Backing and Dormers

The last of the eterpan going on the Columns and the Dormers almost finished.

Post and Corner Schist Backing

The chimney, posts and corners being clad in eterpan in preparation for the Schist.

Roof Lantern Window


Chimney Framed and Battened

The framing of the chimney with DPM and battens ready for the schist stone cladding system to go on.

Wall Cladding Gable Ends

One Gable end down and the second well on it’s way. Only 5 more to go …